International Journal of Creativity and Design is a peer-reviewed e-journal. International Journal of Creativity and Design is a free open-access electronic journal. The journal aims to publish scientific articles based on design education of different disciplines, especially in architecture, interior design, urban design, industrial design, communication design, graphic design, fashion design, and all other design disciplines. In addition to the publication of scientific papers, the journal may include good studio practices and book reviews in the field.

Aim & Scope
The International Journal of Creativity and Design aims to bring different design researchers together on a multidisciplinary design research platform. This design research platform gives the researchers who made experimental studies in their design education the to share their works with other researchers in the same area or similar research fields. The scope of the International Journal of Creativity and Design includes all research and experimental works realized in all types of design studios. The main subject areas of published articles are Art, Design, Creativity, and Design Thinking.

Design: Graphic design, Product design, Industrial design, Interior design, Fashion and Textile design,  User experience (UX) design, User interface (UI) design, Architectural design, Motion design, Game design, Architectural design, Urban design, Landscape design, Communication design, Media design, VR and AR design, Visual Art, Integrated design