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Scholars Journal Publishing House is a private organization dedicated to scientific research and publication. Scholars Journal Publishing House publishes online scholarly journals that are open to readers.

Mission and Values

As a new scholarly publisher, Scholars Journal Publishing House aims to significantly contribute to scientific development in the digital era. We recognize that traditional print journals have some disadvantages including higher costs, paper consumption, low efficiency, and limited distribution. In contrast, online journals are more efficient, cost less, and are environmentally friendly. That’s why we believe digital scholarly journals are the new trend for scientific publication.


Scholars Journal Publishing House is different from a traditional academic publisher.

*Scholars Journal Publishing House has minimized its administrative system.

*Scholars Journal Publishing House works with excellent scholars from around the world.

This pattern of organization ensures that Scholars Journal Publishing House is powered by wide-ranging ideas from many cultures and research areas. Third, we think that open source is an essential channel to utilize to promote the development of science and research. All journals published by Scholars Journal Publishing House are open to readers; anyone can download or read our online journals without payment or subscription.