Effectiveness of developed worksheets to the academic achievement of students in science 9 concepts

Effectiveness of developed worksheets to the academic achievement of students in science 9 concepts


  • John Manuel Cotares Buniel Surigao del Sur State University image/svg+xml
  • Vilma Agua Monding Esperanza Integrated School




Worksheets, Science 9 Concepts, Academic Achievement


The study was carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of developed worksheets as an instructional material for teaching specific concepts in science 9. In particular, the aim of the study is to analyze the evaluation ratings of the worksheets produced and the effect of its implementation. It also examines the significant difference between the respondents' academic performances when supported by the developed worksheets. The primary instrument of the study is a standardized evaluation tool for printed materials from the Department of Education, Learning Resources Management and Development System (LRMDS) Office. Results showed that the validated worksheets are identified as appropriate and commendable by the validators. The achievement performance of the respondents has improved substantially. There is a significant difference between the students' academic achievement using established worksheets compared to conventional approaches. In teaching Science 9 concepts, the developed worksheets are appropriate to use as a material and greatly enhanced the students' efficiency.


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Author Biography

John Manuel Cotares Buniel, Surigao del Sur State University

Cantilan Campus


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Accepted 2021-03-22
Published 2021-04-01