Integrated Scale for Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ISD-ASD)

Integrated Scale for Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ISD-ASD)




Autism Spectrum Disorder, Diagnosis, Evaluation, Specific Scale, Autism Test


These theoretical-experimental antecedents, this study attempts advance iver research line regarding build an  integrated analysis scale that facilitates ASD´ specific diagnosis, based on disorder criteria, from evolutive-behavioral items and perceptual-cognitive criteria integrated into single diagnostic scale, whose main aims are following: 1) facilitate the statistical probability for ASD specific diagnosis, and 2) specify the empirical probability to ASD´level according to DSM-5 Intl classification.

Integrated Experimental Scale (ISD-ASD) made up of six dimensions which integrate development evolutive, behavior, social and communication abilities with variables regarding psycho- neurological perceptual-cognitive information processing: developing, communication, interaction, behavior, attention and cognition.

A total of 124 participants of three ASD levels, belonging nine age intervals (y-o) and sex/gender way have been analyzed to experimentally justify the Scale. Results increasingly show the effectiveness of the diagnosis of ASD. Thus, total mean of six dimensions of this study found between 5.77- 7.88 belong to ASD level-1, between 7.88- 9.01 to ASD level-2 level and a score ≥ 9.02 would correspond to ASD level -3.


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Author Biography

Ojea Rúa Manuel, Universidade de Vigo

Prof. Dr. Psycho- Pedagogy


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