Futsal in Field with Variable Dimensions

Futsal in Field with Variable Dimensions


  • Motta, L. F. P. O. Federal University of Sergipe
  • Breda-Vicentini, Lia Paulista University - UNIP
  • Renan Rossi Sorocaba Physical Education College - YMCA
  • Angela Luciana De-Bortoli Business Partner - Entrepreneur https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5698-1990
  • Robelius De-Bortoli Federal University of Sergipe




Technique, Training, Sports


This study aims to verify how the variation of game area in futsal game alters the requirement for each athlete. It is an empirical study with transversal characteristics. The sample consisted of six young, male, aged between 16 and 26 years, with experience playing futsal. The independent variable was the square footage of the field per athlete. The dependent variables were the number of contacts with the ball, passing, dribbling/feints, shooting and ball stolen and the number of errors passing, dribbling/feints and shooting and total goals scored. Games were conducted with two teams in 3x3 format players with open goals. The goal was valid if they shots were after the half court. The procedures follow the criterion of game space simulation in accordance with the minimum and maximum of futsal rules in sizes from 80m2, 45m2 and 25m2 for each player dimensions. Whereas the 6 subjects, the games had spaces of 30mx16m, 24mx11m and 17.5mx8.5m respectively, totaling 480m2, 265m2 and 148.7m2. A team made more passes than other by possession. Game actions should always be relativised to have summed and actual results of what happened. The biggest field was no decrease in the shots errors. The percentage of time played was higher in the biggest field, which is more interesting for the fans and the press.


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Pinto Oliveira da Motta, L. F., Breda Vicentini, L., Rossi, R., De-Bortoli, A. L., & De-Bortoli, R. (2020). Futsal in Field with Variable Dimensions. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 8(8), 267–274. https://doi.org/10.31686/ijier.vol8.iss8.2514
Received 2020-06-29
Accepted 2020-07-18
Published 2020-08-01


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